How Much Only Watch 2017 : AIKON Automatic Chronograph for Only Watch 2017 Replica Expensive

How Much Only Watch 2017 : AIKON Automatic Chronograph for Only Watch 2017 Replica Expensive

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For Only Watch 2017, Maurice Lacroix introduces the first timepiece from its Aikon range to ever feature an automatic movement. With its contrasted and matte surfaces, Maurice Lacroix’s Aikon Automatic Chronograph is manly and angular. This gray and yellow chronograph is unapologetically dynamic. It will be put up at auction by Christie’s in Monaco on November 11th and will profit the AMM, the Monaco-based charity dedicated to fighting myopathy. This one- off piece is a trailblazer for the upcoming generation of Aikon timepieces.

Fast forward to present day where I’m still veeeery doubtful of competitions and sweepstakes… even more so since I have worked in media sales and advertising for the last 15+ years. So I hardly registered the monthly contests on aBlogtoWatch. I kept looking in the glossy pics of this opinion, with its strap mixes and manly “Blue Devil” name, and that I couldn’t get it out of my head. So while tossing and turning in my bed around 2am, unable to sleep over some work boggle after the night, I threw caution to the end and tapped out what I thought was a smart and well-thought-out response to this challenge and submitted it to the ether.As soon as I pushed “send” I had a gut feeling that my entry could be a winner… or perhaps it was just foolish Publisher’s Clearing House naiveté all over again? Naiveté be damned, that feeling I’d felt real enough that I told myself I’d hold off pulling the trigger on my “blue watch” purchase until after the competition winner was announced, only in case.So following a few days in December passed, I thought I’d fooled myself once again into thinking I might be a winner and had been all set to pull the trigger to a bit in my shortlist. But then… what was that? An email in the spam folder of my rarely used AOL account from aBlogtoWatch I want to know I had won the November giveaway and had 24 hours to respond or the trophy would go to somebody else. I NEVER assess that AOL spam folder since it is filled with years upon years of AOL detritus. But fortune had been smiling on me as some hidden power compelled me to click on such a spam folder no longer than 10 minutes following the aBlogtoWatch email had been sent, so I somehow grabbed it while it was still fresh in the top. I showed my wife and she explained it was a phishing email and crap. However, I understood better and replied immediately to confirm my acceptance and shipping information. And a few short days after, the glorious package arrived at my door.

Icons are hard to come by. Maurice Lacroix Watches John Lewis Replica made that dream come true for itself with the Calypso, a quartz watch that became a staple of 1990’s watchmaking. In 2016, Maurice Lacroix reinvented that iconic watch. Now renamed Aikon, it has been profoundly redesigned to become a thing of the definite present. Its sharp and modern case features straight lines, clear angles, actual corners, all of which are carefully beveled, which makes the watch easy on the eye. Its bezel with sets of double tabs echo the shape of its double, parallel, central lugs. Inspired by the codes of the time when the Calypso was born, Aikon is absolutely a watch of today. Its undeniable charisma and careful finishings have made it an instant best-seller.

Building on that success, the Aikon range is ever growing. This extension starts with a one-off timepiece, which is a harbinger of the Aikons to come. For Only Watch 2017, Maurice Lacroix introduces the Aikon Automatic Chronograph. Black and charcoal gray thanks to the extensive use of PVD coating, sprinkled with bright yellow highlights, which is the 2017 Only Watch color theme, its 45- mm stainless case shows both matte and polished surfaces. It houses Maurice Lacroix calibre ML157, an 2-counter automatic chronograph movement with date. With a 48-hour power reserve, it shows careful finishings, such as perlage or Côtes de Genève. The latter are especially visible since they are all over the movement’s backside and rotor. The square pattern on its dial outlines is in- tense, masculine and sporty outlook. Last but not least, it paves the way for a new set of developments. From this unique piece on, Aikon will be fitted with automatic movements, in addition to quartz.