Guide To Buying A Only Watch 2015: Masterpiece Gravity “Only Watch 2015” Perfect Clone Online Shopping

Guide To Buying A Only Watch 2015: Masterpiece Gravity “Only Watch 2015” Perfect Clone Online Shopping

MAURICE LACROIX Masterpiece Gravity OW2015 PHOTO PR A

The Masterpiece Gravity “Only Watch 2015” from Maurice Lacroix is a stunning expression of the best Maurice Lacroix has to offer.

It features a Manufacture Movement, a silicium assortment, an off-­‐centre hour and minutes display, a world-­‐première “Vague du Jura” decoration on its main bridge, striking use of colour, presented in an eye-­‐catching POWERLITE® case (an incredibly robust, durable and light alloy made of Titanium, Aluminum, Zirconium, Magnesium and Ceramic).

The Masterpiece Gravity presents its oscillator and assortment centre stage on the dial side of the watch. A domed “glass-­‐box” sapphire crystal further magnifies the oscillator and assortment, making them appear to sit high within the case and according a sublime three-­‐dimensional characteristic to the dial. A small seconds display, presented on a subdial partially projects over the disclosed balance assortment, masterfully exploiting depth and curving line.

The Masterpiece Gravity was also the first timepiece to feature a fully silicium assortment. Developed in-­‐house by Maurice Lacroix, it is a further example of the company’s forward thinking approach to watchmaking.

Finally, the case back of the watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal, according a view of the automatic Calibre ML230.

Hink value timepieces and you likely won’t always consider Maurice LaCroix, but the fact is that the brand actually makes a significant number of intriguing pieces at relatively affordable prices. The Pontos S Diver is one of the more handsome cheap dive watches around and for only $7,500, you’d be hard pressed to find another skeletonized dial with a chronograph complication such as the Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton watch. Similarly, Maurice LaCroix’s brand new Masterpiece Double Retrograde and Masterpiece Moon Retrograde watches are just two new watches from the brand that offer quite a lot of bang for your buck, as far as watches with retrograde screens are involved. Here’s a closer look at these two new watches.Let’s begin with the Masterpiece Double Retrograde watch. It comes in a 43mm wide stainless steel case with a mirror-polished bezel and lugs which are beveled and brushed. It also has a large knurled signed crown, which is easy to grip and operate. There are just two correctors in the faces of the situation at 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock for adjusting the view’s two retrograde displays. Overall, the case is nicely constructed and works well on the wrist. My only gripe with regard to wearability is that the depth. A little thinner would be better. The case is water resistant to 50m – good enough for everyday use.Two models are available, one with a silver dial and another with a black dial. The dial is wide, expansive, and full of indicators and details. The title Double Retrograde comes from both retrograde screens at 12 and 6 o’clock. At 12 o’clock, you’ve got the retrograde screen for another time zone (handy for traveling) while at 6 o’clock, you’ve got the retrograde screen for the date. At 9 o’clock there’s a sub-dial for your moments, and at 3 o’clock you’ve got a power reserve indicator.

The Masterpiece Gravity inspires and challenges convention. It is an innovative timepiece, at the cutting-­‐edge of progress, which does not merely convey time but emotionally engages with the wearer with creative expression.